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NTCS Summary Reports

We periodically produce summary reports for each completed wave of data collection within each of the components of the National Treatment Center Study. These reports provide snapshots of data collected from each study population.

This page provides links only to NTCS summary reports. For more detailed analyses of data from these studies, review our Publications and Presentations pages.

Core Study Summary Reports (Private/Public/TC/CTN Studies):

Barriers to the Adoption of Pharmacotherapies in Publicly Funded Substance Abuse Treatment: Policy Barriers and Access to Physicians; Project Report, March 2011

Smoking Cessation Practices in Community Treatment Programs Project Report, March 2009

Clinical Trials Network: Counselor Level Data on Evidence-Based Treatment Practice (NTCS Report No. 11, 2004)

Clinical Trials Network: Interview Summary and Comparison Report (NTCS Report No. 10, 2004)

Therapeutic Communities: On-Site Interview Results (NTCS Report No. 9, 2004)

Private Sector Programs: On-Site Interview Results (NTCS Report No. 8, 2004)

Public Sector Programs: On-Site Interview Results (NTCS Report No. 7, 2004)

Private Sector Programs: 1995-2001 Summary Findings (NTCS Report No. 6, 2001)

Private Sector Programs: On-site Interview Results (NTCS Report No. 5, 2001)

Private Sector Programs: Counselor Survey Results (NTCS Report No. 4, 1998)

Private Sector Programs: On-site Interview Results (NTCS Report No. 3, 1998)

Private Sector Programs: Onsite Interview Results (NTCS Report No. 1, 1996)

Summary reports are also available for the following studies:

State Policies and Buprenorphine Adoption

Clinical Supervision (Project MERITS)

Adolescent Treatment Program Study

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