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Between 1991 and 2003, the Center for Research on Behavioral Health, in collaboration with the UGA Survey Research Center and the School of Management at the Georgia Institute of Technology, fielded several large-scale, cross-sectional surveys to examine issues related to substance abuse in the workplace. Each of these surveys utilized random digit dial samples, and completed telephone interviews with nationally-representative samples of full-time employees in the U.S. The interviews covered a variety of topics related to workplace issues (job design and job stress) and worker well-being. Each interview gathered data on employees' drinking behavior, utilization of Employee Assistance Programs, and awareness of company drug testing policies.

Principal Investigators: Paul M. Roman (UGA), Terry C. Blum (Georgia Tech)
Funding Sources: NIDA and NIAAA (multiple awards)
Survey Periods: 1991, 1993, 1997, 2003

Key Publications:

Knudsen HK, Ducharme LJ & Roman PM. (2007) Job stress and poor sleep quality: Data from an American sample of full-time workers. Social Science & Medicine, 64:1997-2007.

Knudsen HK, Roman PM, Johnson JA & Ducharme LJ. (2006) A changed America?  The effects of September 11th on depressive symptoms and alcohol consumption.  Journal of Health and Social Behavior 46:260-273.

Clay-Warner J, Hegtvedt KA & Roman PM. (2005) Procedural justice, distributive justice: How experiences with downsizing condition their impact on organizational commitment.  Social Psychology Quarterly, 68:89-102.

Knudsen HK, Roman PM & Johnson JA. (2004) The management of workplace deviance: Organizational responses to employee drug use. Journal of Drug Issues 34:121-144.

Knudsen HK, Roman PM & Johnson JA. (2003) Organizational compatibility and workplace drug testing: Modeling the adoption of innovative social control practices. Sociological Forum 18:621-640.  

Knudsen HK, Johnson JA, Roman PM & Martin JK. (2003) Downsizing survival: The experience of work and organizational commitment. Sociological Inquiry 73:125-183.

Ducharme LJ & Martin JK. (2000) Unrewarding work, coworker support, and job satisfaction:  A test of the buffering hypothesis. Work and Occupations 27:223-243.



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