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CTN Membership and Adoption of Innovative Treatment Practices

A major goal of the Clinical Trial Network (CTN) is enhancement of the adoption and implementation of substance abuse treatment innovations. This NIDA-funded "platform" study examines the health services implications of several facets of the CTN: (a) the impact of participation in clinical trials on treatment programs' clinical staff and management; (b) the value of skills, staff, and resources obtained through clinical trial participation on the future adoption of those treatment approaches by participating sites; (c) the extent to which programs adopting these techniques demonstrate continued fidelity or reinvention after the trial has ended; and (d) the impact of the CTN and its products on the dissemination of trial-tested techniques to programs not participating in the trials, and to programs outside the CTN.

In this longitudinal panel design, data are collected in periodic face-to-face interviews with the administrators and/or clinical directors of CTPs associated with the CTN, and in web/mail questionnaires obtained from counselors working in those CTPs. The next round of data collection is scheduled to begin in Spring 2008, and will run through Spring 2009.

Principal Investigator: Paul M. Roman
Funding Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Funding Period: September 2001 - June 2006; September 2007 - August 2012

Key publications:

"Clinical supervision, emotional exhaustion, and turnover intention: A study of substance abuse treatment counselors in NIDA's Clinical Trials Network." H.K. Knudsen, L.J. Ducharme & P.M. Roman. In press, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment [Abstract]

"Research participation and turnover intention: An exploratory analysis of substance abuse counselors." H.K. Knudsen, L.J. Ducharme & P.M. Roman. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 2007; 33:211-217. [Abstract]

"Innovation adoption in substance abuse treatment: Exposure, trialability, and the Clinical Trials Network." L.J. Ducharme, H.K. Knudsen, P.M. Roman & J.A. Johnson. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 2007; 32:321-329. [Abstract]

"Research network involvement and addiction treatment center staff: Counselor attitudes toward buprenorphine." H.K. Knudsen, L.J. Ducharme & P.M. Roman. The American Journal on Addictions, 2007; 16:365-371. [Abstract]

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